Remembering the Future of the Gunnison Valley

Quigley Gallery is pleased to announce the first exhibition of new works by The Blue Thunder Group of South Main in Gunnison. Regenaissance: Remembering the Future of the Gunnison Valley opens Friday, September 3 and will remain on view until September 30. This is the third show in a trifecta highlighting the art history of the Gunnison Valley.

Regenaissance: Remembering the Future of the Gunnison Valley invites us into a mixed, creative zone working towards a collaborative culture of regeneration and revitalization within the Gunnison Valley. Blue Thunder Circle ARTiFactory, a collective in South Main Gunnison, facilitates a thriving community ecosystem providing networking opportunities and creating sustainable organizations that contribute to the Holonic Enterprise through artistic creation, educational workshops and cultural festival production.

As an introduction to Visionary Art, the works present and invite us to participate in the evolving contemporary movement. Visionary Art is an artistic practice aiming to transcend the physical world by portraying a wider version of awareness through spiritual and mystical themes. The Vision Train acts as a virtual and physical interactive art movement connecting the viewer to a collaborative, global creative community striving to develop an inspiring and sustainable future.

Entering the gallery, the viewer is introduced to the visionaries and their microcosm and macrocosm plan for Gunnison Valley starting in South Main Street. Behind “Medicine Train” by Amanda Sage, a DNA strand represents cylindrical train tracks and never ending code for the universe that explores self-awareness to imagine the future through the past, encouraging us to reconsider what once brought industry and expansion may lack sustainability for the future. Within this train of thought there is a drive to consider the creatives that shape the future, which all lead to participation.


Olivia Jane’s empowering “Soul Retrieval” summons further collaboration and calls for a spiritual awakening. In the middle of the gallery, Joe Bob’s sculptural piece “The Feast Table’’ defined by upcycled and found objects, acts as an invitation to sit and reflect on subjective memories to develop ideas for furthering the future. The adjacent collaborative pieces offer a discussion on what it means to expand an ever evolving future as a Holdon to the Holonic Enterprise; each piece is holding onto itself while simultaneously holding onto a greater whole. The exhibit’s culmination is Blue Thunder Group’s call to sit at the interactive “Vison Train” table to express our own meta-narratives and visions for the future.

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"Him", Amanda Sage
"Her", Amanda Sage
"Healing", Amanda Sage
"Freedom", Amanda Sage
"Receiver", Olivia Jane
"Mycelia", Olivia Jane
"Soul Retrieval", Olivia Jane
"Transformation 2020", Amanda Sage
"Sonic Bloom", Amanda Sage
"Regeneration", Amanda Sage
"Cloud Nine", Amanda Sage
"Visitation", Amanda Sage
"Hu Art Thou", Joe Bob Merritt
"Medicine Train", Amanda Sage
"Fire Keeper", Amanda Sage & Joe Bob Merritt
"Remembering the Fall of Scythia", Amanda Sage & Joe Bob Merritt
"Wind in the Meat", Amanda Sage & Joe Bob Merritt
"Unknown", Tom Cross
"Being Thunder Blew", JoeBob Merritt, Amanda Sage, Tom Cross, &Maria Merritt
"Ssergorp Nacirema", Joe Bob Merritt, Tom Cross, Maria Merritt, Amanda Sage
"Deer Dream Stream", Joe Bob Merritt
"Wind Horse House & Matter Make Meaning", Joe Bob Merritt
"Conspiracy", Joe Bob Merritt
"Dancing in the Garden of Forking Paths", Joe Bob Merritt
"Towards", Brian Stewart (Strive Art Co)
"Altar Ego", Joe Bob Merritt & Jeff Michalek
"Mooring", Jeff Michalek
"Holy Mother Shrine", Joe Bob Merritt
"Grief Walking Holy Howus", Joe Bob Merritt
"Feast Table", Joe Bob Merritt

Artist Information

Joe Bob Merritt: 

IG: @josephrobertmerritt 

Amanda Sage:

FB/IG: @amandasageart

Olivia Jane:

IG: @oliviajaneart

Tom Cross:

IG: @tomcrossgalleryfb


Brian Stewart:

IG: @striveartco

Maria Merritt:

IG: @mariamakescoolstuff

Jeff Michalek:

IG: @blackarcherphoto